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Words From President

Quantum Job is manning and recruitment agency located in Indonesia. We built relationships with many organizations gathering and classifying qualified and competent workers, originating from all over the country. We cover several business sectors, including restaurant, hospitality and other related fields. As manning and recruitment agency we are working closely with National Board for the Placement and Protection of Indonesian Overseas Workers take care of obtaining all documents needed for Indonesian workers to work abroad. In fact, the Indonesian worker cannot leave Indonesia legally to work abroad without documents approved by National Board for the Placement and Protection of Indonesian Overseas Workers. Quantum Job also in contact with the Consulates and Embassies of several countries, this allows us as soon as we receive an Employment Offer and/or Employment Contract, to promptly apply the Working Visa to the relevant embassy or consulate. Furthermore it is common practice that the contract includes a clause for breech, thus protecting the employer should the worker leave their employment prior to the end of their contract. We are always open our hand for an additional requirement regarding the contract agreement.


To be the leader in quality Crew Management

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  • recruiting and selecting seafarers in compliance with international regulations and according to customer requirements;
  • employing the highest standard of seafarers to ensure safe operation of the vessels, safety of personnel and prevention of marine pollution;
  • managing the ships in accordance with sound management practices, vessel management contracts and companys Management System;
  • supplying crewmembers with an individual care and treatment through high communication levels between the ship and the Personnel Department;
  • establishing an open communication with feedback sending and receiving;
  • providing an established and reputable worldwide network of Crewing Agencies;
  • passing on economies of scale due to our market presence;
  • protecting the crew from consequences of sea perils and monitoring their welfare ensuring availability of adequate insurance covers;
  • ensuring availability of sufficiently qualified crew onboard to respond to emergencies;
  • keeping our customers fully informed about personnel issues affecting the performance of the vessel;
  • offering continuous trainings for enhancing shipboard performance


customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

to meet and exceed our clients expectations.

human recources

Human Recources

to be the employer of choice for highly competent seafarers and office staff.

safety recruitment


our first priority is the safe operation of the vessels we manage, with no injuries, loss of life, damage to property or the environment.

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“Terima kasih telah bekerja sama dengan perusahaan saya, saya sangat terbantu dengan SDM yang disediakan oleh Quantum Job”



Januari 24

Started the business

Juni 24

Started the business

We started the business as a hospitality training center with the company name Miami Fleet ( As a matter of fact mostly our graduate students were employed by many hotels and Cruise Lines Company
Maret 14

Established a New Company

And it was named as QI KAI INTERNATIONAL Ltd. with licensed from Indonesian Minister of Manpower SIUP PJTKI/PPTKIS No. Kep 177/MEN/VIII/08 and Indonesian Minister of Human Right and Law No. AHU-0173.AH.01.08 and we have changed QI KAI INTERNATIONAL Ltd. to a new name as QUANTUM JOB Ltd. (www.quantum has won several awards for our..Baca lebih banyak
Agustus 28

Currently Serves Over 50 Companies

Quantum Job Ltd. currently serves over 50 companies in Middle East, Asia and USA in many different industries. Our main product is known for manning and recruitment agency. We have been quite successful trained our student and placed them in several companies and notably in hospitality industry.